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Our company has a modern machinery park, as well as qualified staff that will meet even the most demanding expectations.


Microencapsulation by micro-dripping

Microencapsulation is the process of encapsulating active substances (core - core) in a polymeric envelope (shell - shell). There are two types of microcapsules:

Matrix - active substance uniformly distributed in the encapsulating material, e.g. microcapsules with vitamins, spices, juices;

Core-shell active substance surrounded by a polymeric coating, e.g. microcapsules with probiotics, flavors, oils.

Microcapsules are produced by dropping in the active substance and the encapsulating material. The liquid passes through a system of special nozzles and, with the help of vibration, its stream breaks up into uniform droplets.

Offered technologies


We have a technology for obtaining hydrogel or fat (from solid fats), matrix or liquid-core microcapsules, with diameters ranging from 30µm to 7000µm. They enable the encapsulation of bioactive substances, flavors, microorganisms and others. 


We offer a wide range of work, from method and formulation development, implementation and scale-up of the production process, and contract manufacturing of pilot-scale components. The microcapsules obtained by this method range from 1µm to 100µm in diameter.


We offer the ability to dry and granulate materials in a fluidized bed.

Scale of production

The offer includes development of the system - formulation and recipe, laboratory scale testing, from 100ml of solution to implementation trials and contract manufacturing on a scale of up to several hundred liters. Range from laboratory to industrial production of 500 kg/h

At all stages of work, participation of Contractor's representatives is possible. We take a responsible approach to ongoing orders and are willing to take on difficult challenges.